Step 1 - Grinding the Coffee

Grind the coffee bean into coffee grounds.

Do not grind the coffee bean into too fine coffee grounds.

how to use moka pot
how to use moka pot
how to use moka pot

Step 3 - Put on the Funnel

Insert the funnel into the boiler.

how to use moka pot

How to Use Moka Pot?

Step 2 - Filling Water

Fill up the boiler with water up to the "MAX" marking or below the safety valve.

Do not fill the water over the safety valve.

how to use moka pot

Step 8 - Serving Coffee

Enjoy your coffee~~!

how to use moka pot

Step 7 - Coffee Brewing

When the water boils, coffee will comes out to the body. 

There would be a gurgling sound at the end of the process.

Remove the moka pot from the induction cooker (or stovetop) when no more coffee comes out.

how to use moka pot

Step 6 - Place the Moka Pot onto the Induction Cooker (or Stovetop)

Place the moka pot onto the induction cooker (or stovetop) and switch on the induction cooker (or stovetop).

how to use moka pot

Step 4 - Fill the Coffee Grinds

Fill up the funnel with coffee grounds. 

Do not over fill the funnel with coffee grounds.

Do not tamp the coffee grounds.

Step 5 - Screw it Back

Screw the boiler back into the body tightly.

Moka Pot

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