how to clean moka pot

Step 4 - Cleaning the Safety Valve

- For Double Safety Valve -

With the help of spoon handle (or other tools), push the shutter rod of the safety valve for several times. 

Step 2 - Unscrew the Moka Pot

Unscrew the moka pot.

how to clean moka pot

Step 3 - Remove the Silicone Ring

With the help of spoon handle (or other tools) to remove the silicone ring carefully.

- For Standard Safety Valve - 

​With the help of paper clip, push the metal ball of standard safety valve for several times.

how to clean moka pot
how to clean moka pot

Step 1 - Cool Down the Moka Pot

Put the moka pot into water for cooling down.

How To Clean Moka Pot?

Step 6 - Clean with Detergent

Clean every part with detergent thoroughly. 

* Not applicable to aluminum moka pot

Dry all parts with towel before assembly back.

how to clean moka pot
how to clean moka pot

Moka Pot

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